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Welcome to Panorama Hair


You have heard of hair systems on the market promising to be better than anything else available. But have you ever heard of the Cyberhair® hair system? Through extensive scientific research and development worldwide, this is the hair system that has been proven to have superior performance above all others. Cyberhair® is turbocharged with benefits the competition can not match:

  • Responds as healthy hair does - wet or dry
  • Is super colourfast
  • Is extremely lightweight
  • Has permanent curl retention
  • Retains its style under any conditions
  • Is stronger that human hair
  • Has amazingly fine texture
  • Is so natural, virtually undetectable


Cyberhair® outperforms any other hair restoration product on the world market and is offered exclusively by Panorama. We are so confident in the performance of Cyberhair®, that we have a SATISFACTION GUARANTEED policy. We are the only centre in Western Canada that can offer you patented and guaranteed Cyberhair®.


“I have been a Panorama client for over 25 years. I was President of a large company for most of those years. During that time I tried every kind of hair system. Other than for a few weeks initially – maximum two months – there were always problems that had nothing to do with Panorama’s work. With no exceptions they all changed colour – fairly dramatically – within a month or so. The hair was generally difficult to clean and style and it did not look good without constant attention. I was constantly buying new systems, primarily because of colour.”

- Bill R. – Male Pattern Baldness