Company Profile

Although established in 1969, Panorama did not appear in its present form until Salvatore Alfieri assumed control of and started shaping the company in 1974.

Salvatore was born and raised in Italy. He acquired his training at the prestigious Milano Academy, a school devoted exclusively to hair design and hair replacement. After graduating from the academy, Salvatore spent ten years doing hair design and hair replacement work on Milan television before leaving Italy to join Panorama.

After arriving at Panorama and introducing his patented hair replacement system, Salvatore has seen his business thrive since more and more men as well as women chose Panorama’s exclusive process over other hair replacement options. He has provided service throughout British Columbia. Currently Panorama has approximately 15,000 clients.

The company was a 1999 finalist for the highly coveted “Ethics in Action” award from the Vancouver Better Business Bureau. Panorama’s President, Salvatore Alfieri, has won acclaim as well as numerous awards for his styling and technical expertise in Europe, the US and Canada.


The foundations for Panorama’s highly successful business are Cyberhair®, our technical expertise and client service. Cyberhair® was invented in Japan approximately 13 years ago. Because of its scientific and character uniqueness, it was granted worldwide patents. Panorama was chosen to have the exclusive rights to Cyberhair® in Western Canada after Cyberhair Japan did an exhaustive market study to find the firm in Canada with the best in technical ability, service and customer satisfaction.


Cyberhair® has been an enormously successful and revolutionary product because it solves all of the technical problems that have plagued hair restoration for people encountering thinning hair and baldness. It has been scientifically proven that Cyberhair® has these benefits:

    * Responds the same as healthy hair does – wet or dry;
    * Is absolutely colourfast;
    * Has beautiful softness, fine texture, and feather weight;
    * Is many times stronger than human hair;
    * Retains its style and any original “curl” under virtually all conditions;
    * Integrates so naturally with your hair that it is undetectable.

It was designed to be the perfect hair fibre, and our 5 years of practical experience with it lead us to believe that it is. If you have used a hair system before, be prepared to be truly impressed! You know what your problems were, and suddenly they will not exist anymore.

In recent years, because of the invention of Cyberhair®, Panorama has been able to provide a number of solutions that are particularly good for women with thinning hair. These include Micro Point Link® and Maximizer® .