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You have heard of hair systems on the market promising to be better than anything else available.
But have you ever heard of the Cyberhair system that has been scientifically proven to have superior
performance through extensive research and development worldwide? Now, there’s Cyberhair.
Literally, turbocharged with benefits the completion can not match.

  •  Responds as healthy hair does-wet or dry.
  • Super colourfast
  • Is extremely lightweight
  • Has a permanent curl retention
  • Retains it’s style under any conditions
  •  7 times stronger than human hair
  • Fine texture, you’ll be amazed
  • So natural, it’s undetectable


OUR Promise:
Cyberhair outperforms any other hair restoration product on the world market and is offered by
Panorama exclusively. We’re so confident in the performance of Cyberhair, we offer SATISFACTION
ABSOLUTELY GAURANTEED. No one else can make you this same offer. We are the only centre in our
entire area that can offer you patented and guaranteed Cyberhair.
Call now for a confidential consultation with one of our experienced hair restoration experts. You’ll
never think of your hair the same way again!

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Free Services Bonanza

Got a hair system from a different source? Then get one-time free service on the following:

  • Colouring (dye)
  • Redesign
  • Reduce or increase density
  • Add or restore hair