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“I have been a Panorama client for over 25 years. I was President of a large company for most of those years. During that time I tried every kind of hair system. Other than for a few weeks initially – maximum two months – there were always problems that had nothing to do with Panorama’s work. With no exceptions they all changed colour – fairly dramatically – within a month or so. The hair was generally difficult to clean and style and it did not look good without constant attention. I was constantly buying new systems, primarily because of colour.

Dana O. - Hormonal Hair Loss

I had such thick curly hair …it just started getting thinner and thinner … it was so hard losing my hair. I was devastated. It’s a loss and you grieve. Your first impression is the one people remember. I didn’t want to be an embarrassment to my family, especially for my kids with their school friends referring to me as

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