Men's Testimonials

Male Pattern Baldness

I have been a Panorama client for over 25 years. I was President of a large company for most of those years. During that time I tried every kind of hair system. Other than for a few weeks initially – maximum two months – there were always problems that had nothing to do with Panorama’s work. With no exceptions they all changed colour – fairly dramatically – within a month or so. The hair was generally difficult to clean and style and it did not look good without constant attention. I was constantly buying new systems, primarily because of colour.

Cyberhair is unbelievably superior to any other product. My current system is more than four years old. It has not changed colour at all. It is so easy to clean and style. The hair always feels soft. Wind and rain are never a problem as it behaves like a regular head of hair. The base is very light but strong. The big surprise was by keeping the density of hair (number of hairs per square inch) reduced, it looks much more real because people can see some scalp. I highly recommend this approach to virtually any man. Cyberhair is quite amazing – I consider it revolutionary in hair systems. I am so pleased with its performance, durability and looks. Salvatore Alfieri is exceptionally talented and professional in every aspect of his business. He can be depended upon. The stylist and the hair quality are excellent.